Cub Scouts is open to boys and girls aged from 8 to 10 1/2

The Cub uniform is a green sweatshirt which is worn with the Group necker.

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 17.26.52.png

 It can be purchased from Aitken and Niven in Perth. the Glasgow Scout Shop

http://www.glasgowscoutshop.com/ or from the main UK Scoutshop http://www.scoutshops.com/

 The Group necker costs £6 and is available once your child makes their Cub Promise, usually about 4 weeks after joining.

We hope to set up a uniform swap shop in the near future for recycling uniforms.

A complete guide to the positioning of badges can be found at



Subscription fees are the same for each section and are currently £40 per half year, with discounts for consecutive family members, payable when requested by our treasurer.

 Subs should be paid promptly at the start of each term so that we always have enough money in the bank for all our fun activities and committee members don't have to waste time chasing up the slowcoaches!