Meeting Times


Scouts meet from 7.30 to 9pm on a Friday evening in school term time at the Catmoor Road Hut.

Our activities for May and June this year as follows:

Friday 10th ; Hand Carts ,
Basic Knotting (reef knot , clove hitch , round turn and two half hitches , guy knots)
For this Friday please get your son to search on the internet for how to tie these following 3 knots : reef knot , clove hitch , round turn and two half hitches
Friday 17th ; Patrol Tent Practice (if dry)
Friday 24th ; Fire Shelter Practice (if dry)
Friday 31st ; First Aid
Friday 7th ; Ball Court
Friday 14th ; Scavenger Hunt
Friday 21st ; Hut Maintenance with Parents & Scouts (Tea , Coffee and biscuits are provided)
Friday 28th ; Bar-B-Q
Friday 5th to Monday 8th : Summer Camp @ Drimmie ; Paperwork to follow shortly


Tappie Bothy
We are planning another overnight stay at the bothy later in May for the new younger Scouts and others. A separate another overnight stay in June is also planned for the Young Leaders (Beavers , Cubs & Scouts) once their exams have finished.
Parents Evening (date to be advised soon)
This is always a well attended event where parents for Beavers , Cubs & Scouts can hear directly what their son or daughter has been getting up to during the last year. You will also get the chance to chat with Leaders from all 3 sections and hear about the Groups plans / ambitions for the next year. Tea , Coffee and biscuits are provided.